Laidback DM Social Media Links

Hi all, If you’re looking for me on social media, you can find me at these links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mastodon: Twitter: DrivethruRPG: Onward! Steve, Laidback DM

I Suck at Social Media.

I have a confession. One that’s obvious to some, especially those who know me. I suck at social media. Social media as a forum is both a treasure and a bane. It’s an information and networking portal and a source of disinformation and anxiety. Not to mention underhanded data collection, stalking, cyber bullying and echoContinue reading “I Suck at Social Media.”

Letter to a Facebook Friend

This is a uni piece I wrote some time ago. It was meant to be a letter to a friend about something I was very serious or concerned about, using real referenced materials. I went with satire and irony.