The Hole. A poem.

The hole stares back at me, A great, unblinking eye That will not let me be. The hole is black as pitch And filled with pain and lies, Every scar and every stitch. The hole it draws me in, Inescapable gravity, A match I cannot win. The hole encloses me And I am down againContinue reading “The Hole. A poem.”

Invisible. A poem.

Sometimes, I feel invisible, someone the crowd will never see. The collective and the individual residing here inside of me. Sometimes, I feel invisible, my words a faint reprieve. Their subtlety and subtext, misconstrued and unperceived. Sometimes, I feel invisible, no recognition behind her eyes, to signify a reminder of a long, overdue goodbye. ForContinue reading “Invisible. A poem.”

Abstinence. A poem.

You abstain in the light At night, small confessions Are saltwater wreaths Around your neck Dragging you along In a relegated riptide. This abstinence Has carved a furrow And driven conversations With shadows and mosquitoes Wondering when the light will answer you again. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, LonelyContinue reading “Abstinence. A poem.”

The Music in Me. A poem.

Why the sadness, the music tugging at heartstrings in pizzicato fashion, stretching my angst beyond reproach? Why the darkness, flowing in a syrup-like tsunami, to swallow my horizons and the shoulder I’ve hung my head upon? This rhythm and rhyme brings me down and wrecks me, wrapping me casually around the telegraph pole that shouldContinue reading “The Music in Me. A poem.”

Castaway. A poem.

Poker-faced, a nascent clarity before my eyes; while behind confusion and regret in tides, that while away the dawdling time. I seek to speak but find no words to fill the vacant mire that fills this space with more pregnant, hesitant desires. I am wrecked again upon this island; coastal reefs and waves, burgeoning watersContinue reading “Castaway. A poem.”

The Midnight Hour. A poem.

In the blackest, midnight hour, wandering perpetual halls, wondering if you’ll clear your dreams of demons and finally get to sleep. Your trackless thoughts always return to her and her alone; You grasp your hands and suddenly she’s there—your futile ghost. Perhaps you’ve lost your pleading mind, far from the brink of sane, until theContinue reading “The Midnight Hour. A poem.”

Old Friend. A poem.

I’m spiralling again: an anxious emptiness, a long bitter refrain, that repeats over and over and over and over and over in my angry, lonely brain. Old friend, you’ve never let me go, though you always let me down/ bring me down: the crown upon my brow that weighs so heavily on my doubts. I’veContinue reading “Old Friend. A poem.”

Half-Life/Half-Light. poem.

Of this lingering half-life, only the iceberg tip exposed. Beware what lies beneath: cut glass, mirrored edges and radical toxicity. Splinters and elements better left submerged; its palpitating heart, decaying in the half-light. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellers inContinue reading “Half-Life/Half-Light. poem.”

Discontentment. A poem.

Too plain, too pretty Too full, too empty. Too big, too small. Too short, too tall. Too rich, too poor. Too fine, too sore. A constant interchange of histrionic and catatonic, a test and trial of long-held resentment. Find a balance and make your point before you exceed your quota of angst-filled discontentment. For moreContinue reading “Discontentment. A poem.”