There is no cure for being short.

I’m not in the habit of bagging blogs. But I came across one the other day which purported to provide remedies for various ailments. The post that first drew my attention was about five ways to increase your height.

Yes, you read that correctly: your height. And, yes, it was serious.

The post listed the five things you could do to get taller. Like exercise. Drinking more milk. Eating eggs. I won’t go on. Not only was the advice laughable, it was misleading. Your height is determined by your genes, people. No amount of milk and eggs is going to make you taller. Wider, maybe. But not taller.

This was not the only lamebrained remedy on that blog. There were also posts about numerous mental health and medical condition ‘cures’, all of them irresponsible and potentially harmful.

I’m a physically healthy, mentally unhealthy, short person (5 foot 7 inches). And I’m not going to get any taller in a hurry. I’d like to think that people in the world have more common sense than to follow potentially dangerous health blogs.

Please take care out there. The blogosphere can be a wonderful place of discovery. But sometimes it can be very misleading.

Oh, and one last thing–there is actually a cure for being short. It’s the same as the cure for baldness:

Develop a sense of humour.


Steve 🙂

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26 thoughts on “There is no cure for being short.

  1. Yeah, you’re pretty much stuck with your genes regarding height. Although if your body is starved of nutrition while it is growing then you might not reach your full height potential (as per your genetic make-up). This is pretty rare in the developed world though as most people get the nutrition they need.

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    1. Tell me about it! I would love to be about 5’10’, but that ain’t gonna happen.
      There’s actually an operation in Russia where they break the bones in the lower legs and separate them minutely so that the bones grow in between the break. You have to wear calipers for about 2 years, and the bones keep getting broken and stretched and you can gain about an inch in height by the time the process is complete. It’s excruciatingly painful. The things people do lol 🙂

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  2. You know.. If I could tell you how many times I’ve smacked my head into a door frame, or into a ceiling fan I’d be rich! Airplane rides must be heaven for you because they’re absolute hell for me. haha Thanks for the follow. I appreciate getting to know you

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  3. That blog really is hilarious. One cure for being a short guy is to lie about it on your dating profile and hope no one notices. Except they usually do! The shortest man I ever dated (and I hate to say it, but I normally set a height limit at your height) was shorter than I am, at an estimated 5ft or just under. He had extreme close ups in his pics and by the time we finally met (about 3 weeks) we’d developed quite a rapport and so I felt rude to mention that it had been misleading of him not to mention that he was height-challenged, or to make any comment at all. I had to bend down to kiss him – always a no in my book!

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  4. Thanks for that!! I’m pretty much Short and maybe/ hopefully i can grow a few inches but really those post about getting taller are awful sometimes so I just stopped caring!! I love my height and people always told me special things come in smaller packages!

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  5. Funny but true. I recently sent a #tag tweet to the Weight Watcher people who have got everyone’s current goddess to endorse. I feel their new ads which make it look like you can eat any and everything and lose multiple pounds! One lady is shown eating a cupcake and says, “I’ve lost 46 pounds” eating this way. It purports the idea to people who are already greedy for good stuff (yes I’m guilty also) that the can have it all. To me that is irresponsible advertising and using a public figure to make it seem true. Rant over 😇👍🏼

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