Clickbait! The what’s and wherefore’s

My teenage son, Padawan-Nerd-in-Training, stayed over on the weekend (as he does every weekend, so nothing new there).

Padawan is a YouTube fan and has a number of channels he subscribes to. I, being an antiquated, internet hating has-been, try to avoid anything internet related other than this blog. Padawan showed me a few videos that were really interesting, about why crap videos and news stories attract so much internet attention.

This video talks about the theory behind clickbait, fake news headlines and human behaviour:

For more about clickbait, the YouTube algorithm and why we as an audience click particular types of stories, check this video out:

After watching all that, you’re either astounded and keen to learn more, head-tripping, or bored out of your mind (or all of the above).

Please feel free to comment below if you would like to talk about this in a high-falutin’, quasi-sophisticated, philosophically-questionable discussion.


For more videos from this YouTuber: The Film Theorists, The Game Theorists

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