Too Small A Word. A poem.

Love is far too small a word to express all the things I need and want and say and believe and feel and do when I’m with you. But then maybe that’s the point. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellersContinue reading “Too Small A Word. A poem.”

Flutter. A poem.

My heart beat Skips Flutters When you’re near Not a heart attack (At least I hope not) Not indigestion (Couldn’t be) Butterflies Nerves Anxiety Confusion (Obviously) If only I could Pull myself together Long enough To tell you How I Feel (Not the indigestion) Sometimes I’d like to punch Myself In The Face To wakeContinue reading “Flutter. A poem.”

The Spell. A short tale.

I saw you again today. You hadn’t changed at all, but of course I shouldn’t have expected you too. After all, it had been but a few weeks, and nobody can be expected to change much in that time. Your beauty outshone everyone else in the room, like a lighthouse between hazardous reefs. I couldContinue reading “The Spell. A short tale.”

One Day. A poem.

When I’m here Alone (as always) Projecting random thoughts Internalising fears Rejecting self I think of you Though you know me Not at all I live in hope That one day You will Unrequited love. It lives on in our hearts and minds, the very minds that hold us back from expressing that love. AndContinue reading “One Day. A poem.”