Too Small A Word. A poem.

Love is far too small a word

to express all the things

I need
and want
and say
and believe
and feel
and do

when I’m with you.

But then maybe that’s the point.

The All or the Nothing

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Flutter. A poem.

My heart beat
When you’re near
Not a heart attack
(At least I hope not)
Not indigestion
(Couldn’t be)
If only I could
Pull myself together
Long enough
To tell you
(Not the indigestion)
I’d like to punch
To wake me up
So I could tell you
How much I need you
But by the time I get through
All of this

You’re gone


The Spell. A short tale.

I saw you again today.

You hadn’t changed at all, but of course I shouldn’t have expected you too. After all, it had been but a few weeks, and nobody can be expected to change much in that time. Your beauty outshone everyone else in the room, like a lighthouse between hazardous reefs. I could only glance for a short while, lest I be blinded by your light; I was far too unworthy.

You didn’t acknowledge me at all, and although I was saddened by this apparent rebuke, I understood. You were so infinitely far away, and yet only a few steps lay between us. I was distracted by others, by casual, innocuous conversation, and by the time I looked back again, you were gone.

I smiled grimly as I left that place, knowing that you were a pipedream, an illusion beyond the power of choice. As my eyes moistened, I wondered if I would ever be free of the weave of your magic. Perhaps not.

But if never, then what a fine spell to be under.

Love in Vain copy

One Day. A poem.

When I’m here
Alone (as always)

Projecting random thoughts
Internalising fears
Rejecting self

I think of you
Though you know me
Not at all

I live in hope
That one day
You will

Unrequited love. It lives on in our hearts and minds, the very minds that hold us back from expressing that love. And so we carry it inside, hiding it away, dreaming of the day we might set it free.

I write a lot of poems about it. Someday my torch will burn for all to see. Until then, I will continue to smoulder and write and dream.

Grace. A poem.

She walks with grace through halls of patterned thoughts
Across lawns of windswept patina and dogmatic mores
Her frail obscurity and gentle gestures far and near
In sundry creative feats and so expressive fears
I will watch from afar, dreams sundered one to two
On the side lines of a heart so long misunderstood
And my love towers over all, above all other needs
I lie awake in dreams of inconsequential fantasy   


Ever been in love with someone who doesn’t know it? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Maybe this poem means nothing to you.

But if you have, this poem may mean everything and more.

Unrequited. A poem


Forever and a day
No recognition there
Saying nothing in return
And yet you have so much
To say and show and do

But it will wait anon
While your heart skips
And your nerves clench
And your tongue numbs
In clumsy symmetry
And synchronicity

And then they’re gone
Their scented trace
Just wisps of memory
Curtailing reality

You stand isolated
Empty and broken
Like a bottled ship
Cast upon the shoreless floor
Fragments of navigation
And skewed courses

Matchless servitude
Enslaved to whimsy
Knowing that your love
For them remains
Forever and a day


Another poem I wrote. I guess I’m in a poem writing mood, at the moment.


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