Time is. A poem.

Time is short It stands in line, dwarfed by all the other narcissistic concepts All wanting a piece of our mind Another piece of the pie A little bit more of our Time is Wondering when it will have its Time in the sun And yet Time flies When you’re having fun And there’s neverContinue reading “Time is. A poem.”

Due Date. A poem.

The bell rings (or tolls, or so it goes) and I’m under fire again rushing into no man’s land without a weapon or a plan. A last minute dash, as if it were all she wrote (and perhaps it is and was). A lucid trance to carry me through torrential rain and home. And then,Continue reading “Due Date. A poem.”

Divides. A flash fiction.

This is a short fiction I wrote for a Uni subject I completed a while back. Enjoy! Cheers Steve 🙂  Divides. By Stephen Thompson. My mother is dusting. The feather duster she uses swishes lightly over the mementoes and photo frames on the shelf, cautiously tracing a path through our family history like a shipContinue reading “Divides. A flash fiction.”

Time’s Up. A poem.

Okay, this poem’s a bit dark. But then, I’m a pretty dark person. My poems reflect all aspects of me, not just the happy stuff. (‘Happy stuff?’ I hear you say. ‘When have you ever written happy poems?’ Good point. Scratch what I said earlier.)