The Wait Outside. A poem.

The wait outside With city lights and vacant looks Of passers by and wannabes Perhaps the tune we’ll sing tonight Will change the course of mediocrity And reverse this season of discord With discourse so ebullient That fire and ice could not compare And could not even try For more Poetry, click here. For moreContinue reading “The Wait Outside. A poem.”

Hanging on a Message. A poem.

Hanging on a message And a welcoming tone So distinct it’s almost surreal And blistered ears and eyes With next to no regrets Should seek its welcoming crèche As a baby seeks a bottled breast And the fulfilment Of a cherished goal For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out PoetryContinue reading “Hanging on a Message. A poem.”

U r. A poem.

U r the heavenly glimpse unspoken. U r the enigmatic mystery unleashed. U r my unfettered tragedy in the making. U r the starving soul to which I’m drawn. U r the the boundless ocean to which I succumb. U r the burning pyre that leads me home. Txt translation: U r th only 1Continue reading “U r. A poem.”