Redundant Sea. A poem.

I awake, afloatOn an ink blackredundant seaOf redundancyAnd think, to sinkWould make a rockOf me, a mockeryTo sleep, you seeWould be idealBut it elusivelyExclusivelyEvades meAll fever dreamsAnd inner screamsThe weight that sinksMe, obscures meI lie awake, afloatOn an ink blackRedundant seaAnd dream of Being anywhereBut here For more poetry, click here.

Sheets and Slips. A poem.

These sheets and slips Abide with time, Like tides and shores, Old pick up lines. These mountains climbed And sacrificed, To sheets and slips And angst-filled lives; That lost their way, Were found again, In the arms of a wayward, Weather-less vane. No wind or rain From north or south, No implications, fear or doubt.Continue reading “Sheets and Slips. A poem.”

This Morbid Fascination. A poem.

What is this morbid fascination I have with the prospect of my own uncertain and certain demise? It reeks of gentle desperation, a perfidious need to know the outcome of a life lived in unconscious and conscious vigilance. No hangman’s noose for me, no liquid death or razor’s end, no toxic pills or silent sleep,Continue reading “This Morbid Fascination. A poem.”

Morning Glory. A poem.

The street cars and sweepers, bird twitters, sidewalk seekers, beyond my pane and pain are my riotous alarm call, a doctor’s silicone grip bidding me to womb’s exit to face gelidity again. Trees shading the low-cut sun, her rays breaking humdrum, reborn and only just begun. Distant voices natter like roaches in my walls, matchingContinue reading “Morning Glory. A poem.”

The Night. A poem.

The night is not my friend. I lie here, encapsulated and encumbered in darkness’ vice-like grip. The night is not my friend. I lie awake, turning and tossing, trying to escape my funereal thoughts. The night is not my friend. But it returns to goad and sway, to play me for the fool and makeContinue reading “The Night. A poem.”

Nights. A poem.

Nights staring into gloom. A mirror to reason, reflecting all your fallibilities and failing sensibilities. All your new found confidence, blown away like mist, before winds of uncertainty. Your moon is waning tonight. You are a crescent shell, threatening to pitch headlong into the drifting, darkening tide. Best sleep, before you persuade yourself otherwise. AsContinue reading “Nights. A poem.”

Acquiesce. A poem.

Acquiesce to the night’s probing fingers, an invitation            given without                        betrayal. Shake and stutter in these jealous hills and vales. Writhe in a cave             of dream-inspired                 Continue reading “Acquiesce. A poem.”

No Sleep for the Wicked. A poem.

Close my eyes Sleep the sleep of angels Until l can’t Rude awakening Brought back to life Defibrillated from dreams And held Status update: insomniac Mental tides Washing over tired eyes Why won’t You let Me sleep Damn brain 3:00am meeting with the board Micro managing My many personal investments My kingdom for a hammerContinue reading “No Sleep for the Wicked. A poem.”