Sheets and Slips. A poem.

These sheets and slips Abide with time, Like tides and shores, Old pick up lines. These mountains climbed And sacrificed, To sheets and slips And angst-filled lives; That lost their way, Were found again, In the arms of a wayward, Weather-less vane. No wind or rain From north or south, No implications, fear or doubt.Continue reading “Sheets and Slips. A poem.”

Upstart Photographer – Tallship

I take photos. I write poems. ‘Nuff said. Cheers Steve 🙂 Tallship. A poem. You have bound me as no ocean ever could— wrapped in chains and woven hemp, fit to shackle Hercules. Here I wait, as the wind cajoles me with memories of high seas and yesteryear; my sails furled in impotence, the watersContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Tallship”