Hanging on a Message. A poem.

Hanging on a message And a welcoming tone So distinct it’s almost surreal And blistered ears and eyes With next to no regrets Should seek its welcoming crèche As a baby seeks a bottled breast And the fulfilment Of a cherished goal For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out PoetryContinue reading “Hanging on a Message. A poem.”

Chat(less). A poem.

Fractious conversations; half-hearted, lip synced. Frantic fingers tracing familiar paths, back and forth across time and space. How much longer until each gives in, or gives up? Until the melodrama unfolds, like poorly crafted origami and becomes a crumpled paper crane. Aimless fingers tap dance, until the music ends. You need to be somewhere else,Continue reading “Chat(less). A poem.”