The Divide. A poem.

The divide that’s grown between has widened over time— the subtle, well-toiled furrow, now a rift, of deep decline. When did this passionate divide become more like a gulf? And when did our discussions become a chore, less worthy of? No enmity in this regret, just bitter disappointment. The trials and travails, it seems, oneContinue reading “The Divide. A poem.”

Submission. A poem.

Not beaten or blighted, wracked with loss or pain, I stand before you in judgement, my purpose, as yet, undecided. You have my submission, having bowed to your requests, but not for reasons you suspect, or to prevent ongoing friction. Although my head is bowed, mirroring your condescension; I’m now a sitter on the fence,Continue reading “Submission. A poem.”

Dirty Dancing. A poem.

Dance on my grave OnE sTeP, tWo StEp, ThReE sTeP, fOuR Pat it down and into place OnE sTeP, tWo StEp, ThReE sTeP, fOuR Celebrate the death of me OnE sTeP, tWo StEp, ThReE sTeP, fOuR Now you’re done, wash the dirt away You wish you COULD, but you CAN’T. You’ll always have dirt onContinue reading “Dirty Dancing. A poem.”

Feast. A poem.

Why do we hurt each other so? Why do we tear at our bones like brutal, savage, starving DOGS (begging and braying for blood) until all the meat and gristle is torn away and our ivory husks GLISTEN with the saliva of our folly. When will this feast be over? When will we fearsome beastsContinue reading “Feast. A poem.”

Waiting, wanting, waning.

I’m waiting at the Legal Aid office to get some advice about my upcoming property settlement. Needless to say it’s a dull experience, punctuated by the typing on my iPhone, the shuffle of papers, the muffled choke of a straining air conditioner and the murmurs of hushed and sullen conversations. It’s not as depressing asContinue reading “Waiting, wanting, waning.”

Avoidance? I think not, my friends, I think not.

Sooooo…today, I had to do paperwork for my long-suffering and very overdue property settlement (like a promised rain storm after years of drought, it shimmers like a mirage in the heat haze…sorry, got distracted. That happens). Seeing as how I’m very focused (Yes, I won the ‘Far Too Focused’ award at work three years runningContinue reading “Avoidance? I think not, my friends, I think not.”

Picture. A poem.

A picture of togetherness Written in elemental script Captured then in time serene A picture that made sense, it seemed Once upon eternity Before the poison settled in A picture of two frozen smiles But what in truth do they relay When hollow eyes betray the scene A picture of faded sepia Now all bitternessContinue reading “Picture. A poem.”

Family Lost. A poem.

There are rabbits in my back yard Each day they rise to greet the light With eager noses, seek daily bread While the alpha, tall and bright Watches oh, so protectively Together, the family eats again I had a family once like them It now feels like so long ago I loved them so, myContinue reading “Family Lost. A poem.”

Elegy. A poem.

Where do I walk Now the fields are burned And ash rises high in the sky The sun a red blur behind mottled clouds Each ray a spotlight on misery The bodies of the dead Charred and blackened Breaking beneath my feet Whispering as they crumble The killing fields where once we walked as oneContinue reading “Elegy. A poem.”