Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!

Hi all, My fourth book of poetry, Life in a Faded Moment, is now available in hardcover and PDF at Drivethrufiction! Life in a Faded Moment is a collection of poems for all your fated and faded moments – poems about Love, Sorrow, Anger, Death and Life. You can buy it at Cheers SteveContinue reading “Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!”

Share. A poem.

Would that I could share this success with you? All the excess and fortune Pointing to moments unsolicited And gratuitous and circumspect All these worlds and words Of self doubt and self pity Replaced by self esteem And confidential confidence Would that I could share this success with you Even if only for one lastContinue reading “Share. A poem.”

Not For You. A haiku.

Just save your prayers No absolution for you Your sunset is nigh Hmmm…must be watching too many John Wick movies 😉 Steve For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print or e-book formats. Click here to find out howContinue reading “Not For You. A haiku.”

This Morbid Fascination. A poem.

What is this morbid fascination I have with the prospect of my own uncertain and certain demise? It reeks of gentle desperation, a perfidious need to know the outcome of a life lived in unconscious and conscious vigilance. No hangman’s noose for me, no liquid death or razor’s end, no toxic pills or silent sleep,Continue reading “This Morbid Fascination. A poem.”

Mermaid. A poem.

For far too long have I been bereft, a lonely thing, dragged and left, taken down to quench my thirst, to bitter shoals to do their worst. No sails upon this mast of mine to catch the winds of better times, to slice the waves and undertow, one more soul, one vast ocean. But thingsContinue reading “Mermaid. A poem.”

Grave. A poem.

I stand before the hole that wouldst be my grave. Where sullen earth and tepid worms do cry and call to me, my ample soul. This grave I’ve dug to fit my fettered frame, denuded in the wintry night to lie amongst the frost, colluding with the fog and fug. I will lay me downContinue reading “Grave. A poem.”

Kill. A poem.

Why don’t you kill me? Release me from this misery? This womb that clings and grinds me down to tombstone dust and empty dreams, restrains me tight in chains of languid and bitter thoughts. Oh, but for a little death, a dance with angels or demons to portend. Not for me. With life and painContinue reading “Kill. A poem.”

Dead Men Deep. A poem.

Hulls of broken ships, scattered like white noise. The sea bed, as black as a charcoal cellar. It welcomes sailors to their ends, bloated corpses sleeping in hammocks of crusted ribs, drunk on briny, antique wine. Coral wreaths and sawdust mouths; barnacles, the new tattoo that marks the passage from man to martyr. Here amongContinue reading “Dead Men Deep. A poem.”

The Wait. A short tale.

She waited as he wasted away. She watched and pined. He watched as well; sometimes TV, sometimes her. She fed him hand-to-mouth. Eventually he refused to eat. As he grew thinner, the drip in his arm pulsed like a marathon runner, sucking exhausted breaths as it neared the finish line. He smiled painfully. She did,Continue reading “The Wait. A short tale.”

A Rabbit Passes. A prose poem.

The rabbit’s body is stiff and heavy in my hand. I wrap it in its funeral trappings, a plastic cloak as light and airy as its existence. It’s family lies in burrows deep below, the farmer’s poison dried within withered veins. I place it within its casket, a waste bin its solemn ferry to whereContinue reading “A Rabbit Passes. A prose poem.”

The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.

I saw the light in your eyesBurn bright then fade awayIt was your last and final callBefore approaching Heaven's Gate I smelt your very last breathFelt your body as it slackedIt was holding you in my armsThat I finally faced the facts You were heavier in weight And I was heavier in heartBut I carriedContinue reading “The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.”

Last Breath. A poem.

My very last breath Suspended and succinct Drawn fatefully in duress Through a lifetime of failure And subdued success A turn of the corner Like a turn in my eye A fitful melancholy Forever present in mind My black dog companion Always here by my side The pall of loneliness More expansive than pride WhoContinue reading “Last Breath. A poem.”