Eternal Vacancy. A sonnet.

You are as far from my thoughts as you aren’t Sequestered and dream-like, merely a ghost Wandering hallways that lie black and burnt My mind harks to you, once or twice at most Another fills this shady vacancy Whispering lonely hellos and goodbyes From the shadows that long imprison me Manufacturing bindings for the blindContinue reading “Eternal Vacancy. A sonnet.”

Why do we blog?

Why do we blog? Some say it’s cathartic. Some say it encourages and develops us as writers. A creative outlet. Some say we do it for fun. To get in touch with like-minded souls. Some say they just need to vent—anger, tears, love and fears. Some say they want to inspire. To express their opinions.Continue reading “Why do we blog?”

Writer Interrupted: Writing Haiku

What is a Haiku? The Haiku is a poetic form that originated in Japan as early as the 9th or 13th Century, depending on what you read, but wasn’t known by the term Haiku until the 19th century. Want to know more about Haiku history? Click here. Traditionally, they focussed on nature and emphasised simplicity.Continue reading “Writer Interrupted: Writing Haiku”