Amongst the Ashes. A poem.

Some daysI want to open my wristsAnd let them breath in reverseTake the irony of my existencePaint it in the colourOf lonelinessEmptinessHopelessnessAnd watch it flowSlowlySurelySluggishlyDown the porcelain sinkThat holds all my pointless dreamsAnd wash them awayMaybe thenI'll find sweet reliefAmongst the ashes Choose life. Every time. Don't give in to suicide. Life is too preciousContinue reading “Amongst the Ashes. A poem.”

The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.

I saw the light in your eyesBurn bright then fade awayIt was your last and final callBefore approaching Heaven's Gate I smelt your very last breathFelt your body as it slackedIt was holding you in my armsThat I finally faced the facts You were heavier in weight And I was heavier in heartBut I carriedContinue reading “The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 12.

My hands were in the air and so was the rock-solid Maglite flashlight. Silas was watching the Mexican standoff in the store room where crazy woman Junifer had confronted Aisha. I threw the torch as hard as I could. It was a crappy throw. The flashlight hit Silas in the side, surprising him more thanContinue reading “The Sale. Part 12.”

The Mind of a Poet. A poem.

The mind of a poetConstructing verseRhythm and rhymeMeter and timeIn all-consuming madness Sonnets, coupletsHaiku, freestyle Diamanté, CinquainPantoum, villanelle Concrete, tanka So many choices and moreTo bring life to blank pages How sensitive you becomeTo your own critiquesAnd how you labour longAt your own expenseTo hide your jewelsBury them in the roots Of the tree you'veContinue reading “The Mind of a Poet. A poem.”

Three Loves. A Haiku Trilogy.

Film Lover Movie watching love My shared escapism Better with a friend Tabletop Gamer Playing RPGs Becoming a new person Only for a night Guitar Player Guitar strings strummed Emote in rhythm and rhyme Musicality

Manchester by the Sea. A movie review.

Thar be spoilers ahead… Manchester by the Sea is a depressing movie. Even with the great dialogue and character performances, it leaves you wondering what just happened. In truth, not much did. Kenneth Lonergan’s script, from his play, won the 2017 Oscar for best original screenplay; he directed as well. But a story is supposed toContinue reading “Manchester by the Sea. A movie review.”

Needs and Wants. A poem.

I would put up with Arguments like multiple car crashes Complaints about cash flow shortfalls All the poor self esteem moments and unlikely excuses The never-ending dog hair on clothes That-time-of-the-month obtuseness Late night extended phone calls with girlfriends Every time she says “do I look big in this?” Burnt dinners and replacement take outContinue reading “Needs and Wants. A poem.”

Dunkirk. A movie review.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie Dunkirk by now, all I can say is: “why not?” Dunkirk is a movie about the evacuation of 330 000 British and French troops from the Dunkirk beach after being surrounded by the German offensive in 1940. No doubt you’ve read piles of reviews praising this movie and how wellContinue reading “Dunkirk. A movie review.”

Pane. A poem.

I watch the rain on my windowEvery drop running a chaotic raceTo get to the bottom of my pane (pain)Never the same path twiceAs if utilising eidetic memoryEvery drop a consequenceEvery drop a choice (never) madeThat flows to the bottom of my pane (pain)Where it merges with the restAttaining its watery goalTo be accepted again

The Whole Damn Thing. A poem.

Sometimes I get so sadI just have to laughEver had that?It's weird I knowBut sometimes there's Nothing else leftSo you cry and cryAnd you laugh awhileAnd when it's overIt's like it's all been liftedIt's still there but it's notKnow what I mean?Maybe you doMaybe you don'tI'm just trying to make senseOf the whole damn thing

Down. A Haiku Trilogy.

Hole Depression returns Bottomless hole inside you Who will fill it in Stay Anxiety strikes Enemy insurgency I’ll stay home today Tears Unending clown tears Laugh and cry until daybreak Carnival sadness

Another Award! Oh, I’ve got this one before. That’s okay, I’m very humble…NOT!

Actually, I am a bit humble. But only a little bit. Carly at message in stanza has nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you, Carly, you are very kind and obviously very wise (I said I’m a bit humble). The rules: Put the award logo on your blog Thank the people whoContinue reading “Another Award! Oh, I’ve got this one before. That’s okay, I’m very humble…NOT!”

Versatile Blogger Award 2 – Thanks muchly!!

Thank you Alma at Bookish Endeavours for nominating me for this award. As you know, I am a man of few words and fewer actions, so I will keep this short and sweet. The Rules: The rules say to thank the person who nominated you (also providing a link to their blog), nominate 7 blogsContinue reading “Versatile Blogger Award 2 – Thanks muchly!!”

Good Enough. A poem.

Insecurity and self deprecationCan't save you when you think this wayWhen the words don't flow Or make it to the pageIn the way you wanted them toMaybe you won't post itBut in the end you doBecause it's good enoughSo read it once more throughYes, it's good enoughGood enough for you

Turbulence. A poem.

They're across a crowded roomAnd the narcissist withinIs screaming "look at me, look at me"But the introvert withoutIt whispers "look away, look away"Trying to smile is a struggleAs complex and as simple as a Gordian knotAnd while the cannibal butterfliesConsume your insidesAnd the flush creeping upMakes you look like a fire hydrantAnd you're thinking hardHowContinue reading “Turbulence. A poem.”

Oasis. A poem.

I was lost in the desert And as the sweeping sands Surrounded me with the promise of death As my tongue swelled with my last parched breath I saw a vision before me An oasis in the swirling dust It seemed so far away, yet agonisingly just out of reach Of water and palms andContinue reading “Oasis. A poem.”

Picture. A poem.

A picture of togetherness Written in elemental script Captured then in time serene A picture that made sense, it seemed Once upon eternity Before the poison settled in A picture of two frozen smiles But what in truth do they relay When hollow eyes betray the scene A picture of faded sepia Now all bitternessContinue reading “Picture. A poem.”