Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!

Hi all, My fourth book of poetry, Life in a Faded Moment, is now available in hardcover and PDF at Drivethrufiction! Life in a Faded Moment is a collection of poems for all your fated and faded moments – poems about Love, Sorrow, Anger, Death and Life. You can buy it at Cheers SteveContinue reading “Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!”

Angry. A haiku.

You make me angry: Your choices and selfishness Robbed him of a life. For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print. Click here to find out how to get your copy.

Airport Carpark. A poem.

There are far better places to while away the time, yet we continue circling like reverse-vultures. This obtuse concrete garden (no doubt designed by Daedalus, whose Labyrinth was but a flea compared to this circus) leads us astray in every moment, much like our heart’s content. No way out, it seems, no exits or reprieve.Continue reading “Airport Carpark. A poem.”

Angry Tweet. A poem.

Sweat on brow and lip, fit to flood your world with salt-flavoured angst and sticky date dues. Heart pounding like the proverbial train that lost itself somewhere down the overwrought tracks. Time to swat the flies of decision and derision and bring it all back to earth, just in time for a Twitter-fired response. IContinue reading “Angry Tweet. A poem.”

Sucker Punch. A short tale, revisited.

Here’s a flash fiction I wrote a while back. It wasn’t seen by many at the time, so I’ve decided to re-blog it in the hope that more may get the chance to read it. Hope you like it. Cheers Steve 🙂    

(No) Compass. A poem.

I thought I was                     free of anger But it rages there! inside! Everyday Over every             little                     betrayal Surrounded by tears That lurk just behind the veil Release me from hurt AndContinue reading “(No) Compass. A poem.”

Haiku Triplet

Ego Trap Ego overtook Speed trap coming up on right Slowing down, humbly FHL Faith, hope, love, always Far beyond the veil and pale My belief in you Trigger Gripping the gun tight Trigger finger, so itchy Targets never know   Haiku, haiku, haiku! I loves it, yes I does, precious! 5/7/5 syllables, precious. GoodsContinue reading “Haiku Triplet”