The End of the Affair. A poem.

At the end of the affair,
when all is lost, was won,
when the final note is written
when all has come undone.
The longing and the passion
converted now to envy,
the embers now black charcoal
of fires that once burned brightly.
The guilt remains, it always seems,
entwined with all the lies,
an empty feeling of redemption,
of honour, long defiled.
When familiar scents turn stale
and insomnia becomes your partner,
how dim the lights do seem
how the shadows seem much darker.
Life returns to humdrum,
an absence of spontaneity
at the end of the affair
no love, just shame and frailty.

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Well Met. A Poem.

A blast from the past
We knew each other better then
When our saliva mingled and so did our sweat
Now it’s small talk, not quite the same
About families, jobs and Game of Thrones
Never mentioning once
How we were like vines, all intertwined
Animals unleashed, despoiling motel rooms, back seats and parks
Pretending to others that we just met
Lying to better halves about where we went
Today it’s small talk, knowing smiles
And awkward farewells
Well met, lessons learned

A poem about misguided affairs of the heart.

Swept up and swept away, never thinking about the real price you pay.

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