Avengers: Infinity War. A movie review.

Okay, okay! I said I wasn’t going to the movies this week, but I did. Couldn’t help it.

Avengers: Infinity War is a star-studded extravaganza, the culmination of ten years of Marvel world-building. It’s one of those movies that fans will love to death— you need to have seen the previous movies to be truly invested in the backstory, the characters and their tribulations—but one that may not be very accessible to anyone who’s a casual Marvel movie-goer or first timer (read: confused if not fluent in Marvelese).


Thanos, the big bad guy intent on balancing the universe by wiping out half of every living being in existence, is well-developed and almost sympathetic at times, which makes a change from smirking on his big throne. He wants the six Infinity Stones, which were formed at the creation of the universe and represent all sorts of comic-book hokum but really just make Thanos impossibly powerful once he has them. There are lots of big battles, big action set pieces, big team ups, and decent jokes—more than enough to keep me and any other Marvel fans happy.

There are also lots of deaths. So many, in fact, that you just know the next movie in a year’s time will ‘rectify’ the situation, which left me feeling the stakes were a bit pointless. That being said, I still enjoyed the ride.

A friend of mine commented she would rather have waited for both movies on DVD so she could watch them back-to-back. I feel in the long term that will be the preferred viewing experience, however Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that looks great on the big screen and should be experienced that way.

If you’ve read my blogs before you’ll know I’m no fan of the Disney corporate monstrosity, but I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it heartily for invested Marvelites. Take my money, you devil-mouse you.

Rating: B+

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3 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War. A movie review.

  1. When I saw you had written a revue I couldn’t wait to see if we agreed on this movie, we do. I will add tho that it left me empty and sad to see our defeated and dying heroes! Then waiting through thousands of names and credits to see the “leader of the pack” go up in (did it look like dried leaves to you?) dry up and die… I left the theater with my mouth hanging open, I couldn’t close my mouth!! I know its following the comic but I’m the eternal optimist ..

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    1. Hi Harolene, as a long time comic book reader I’ve seen this many times before, so I knew they’d be back in the next movie, but I’ve noticed from friends and internet buzz that many movie goers felt as you did. The scene with Vision and Scarlett Witch at the end made me sad, but everything else was par for the big crossover course. This is the first time something this big has been done on film, though, so kudos to Marvel for such a wonderful run of movies and great planning. 😀

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