Tomb Raider. A movie review.

There’s no such thing as spoilers (in this review, anyway)!

Alicia Vikander is the new Tomb Raider (for those of you not familiar with the previous movie incarnation, Angelina Jolie was the titular heroine), and she ably fills the tank top—umm…role.

This is a reboot of the franchise, based heavily on the popular computer game reboot of 2013 (so many reboots…). Lara Croft (Vikander) is a girl with no direction to her life after losing her rich father (Dominic West) seven years ago. Refusing to accept that he’s dead, she hasn’t taken over the Croft fortune and title and is living a simple life as a bike messenger in inner city London. She receives a Japanese puzzle from her missing father which sets her on a quest to find him and the tomb of Himiko, the mythical Queen of Yamatai, a supposed sorceress with power over death.

Tomb Raider Movie

I enjoyed Tomb Raider. In this origin movie Vikander is a feisty, yet vulnerable underdog, who kicks some serious ass along the way. She’s very physical in the role (Vikander did the majority of her own stunts), but at no point does this Lara Croft seem unbelievably super heroic. Some of the set pieces are over the top, but through them all you believe that Lara is scraping through, stubbornly fighting on. One thing I would have liked was more opportunities for Vikander to show her stuff—a few more action set pieces wouldn’t have gone astray.

Go see Tomb Raider if you like gritty, believable action heroines who feel pain. And bring it, as well.

Rating: B  

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4 thoughts on “Tomb Raider. A movie review.

  1. I loved the new Tomb Raider for two reasons : I love Vikander, and I am a gamer, and I grew up with the Tomb Raider franchise. I have to say I relate more to the reboot version of Lara Croft. She is more human than her predecessors, more vulnerable. The old ones seemed to be too cocky and I remembered as a teenager, trying to figure out who goes on a hike or free climbing, in those ridiculous short pants.

    I enjoyed Tomb Raider more than Wonder Woman. I think the latter is a bit overrated. I love my superheroes, but it just didn’t quite appeal to me. the TR movie is based on the first game reboot in 2013, so everything was super relatable to me, because I have played it close to maybe 10 times. Even the part about the Sun Queen (But the similarities end at the name. Sun Queen is a big bitch in the game).

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    1. I loved the 2013 Tomb Raider game, but then I was a fan of the old games, too. I like that the new movie made her more human, more vulnerable, and not as super heroic as the previous version. Even the story was a bit more down to earth. Very enjoyable 🙂


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