Upstart Photographer#4. Book Shelves.

I am, and always will be, a lover of books.

I currently live in a back room of my parent’s house (no job, no money; lonely but creative), surrounded by their bookshelves and my own.

So, what better topic than photos of shelves? In gorgeous black and white, of course.

I’ve included a friend’s bookshelves, as well.

Hope you like them.


Steve 🙂

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I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing. Occasionally I have something to say...

14 thoughts on “Upstart Photographer#4. Book Shelves.

  1. I knew it, I can read a book lover/collector a mile away…:) I’m a crazy mad book collector too. I only read new books and shelved using the Dewey system. lol…

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  2. Have you considered submitting your photos to iStock or 123rf dot com? You might make some money. I have a friend who submits her work to iStock. I’m not sure it’s a major source of her income but if you’re doing what you love and money follows, isn’t that a good thing?

    I grew up surrounded by bookshelves. We had almost nothing but books!

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  3. Hi Steve, I refer to these photographs in my latest post, “you can’t judge a book…” think you’ve seen it. Wondering if you’d like me to include a link to this page (if I can figure out how…I’m not so clever at tech stuff!). Let me know whatever…

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