Apple iTunes Bunnies Don’t Jump, They Just Annoy

(“Aghhh!” I cry. “This software is making me thirsty!”

 Beta max picks up on the joke and does the George Costanza version. “This software…is MAKING ME THIRSTY!”

 Alpha Girl sits on the lounge reading a magazine. “Can’t you two go be thirsty somewhere else? Especially you, Steve. New Zealand, perhaps?”)


If there’s one thing that irritates me a lot, it’s iTunes.

I’ve been an Apple user for about 15 years or so. I’ve seen their products improve over time, and I’ve seen iTunes (the program that allows you to update songs and data and backup your iPod, iPhone and iPad) evolve. I really like Apple products, for their durability, simplicity and ease of use. But iTunes…

iTunes was originally designed just for updating iPod, the first digital music player. It was simple to use, as it was only meant to load songs onto that device. When the iPhone and iPad showed up, iTunes was asked to do more and more. Various additions were made, making it more complicated for the average user. Over time, iTunes has become a bit of a clunky mess (apologies to the Apple software designers – I understand you have to work with what you’ve got).

Over the years I’ve had numerous problems with iTunes, and the latest is it won’t allow my devices to sync (a process that allows you to back up and update). I’ve read the online forums and used their suggestions i.e. reset devices, reboot computer; all to no avail. I’m now trying to download iTunes to reinstall it. Four times it has failed to download. My internet connection is good, but it keeps failing.

I don’t have that much hair left to pull out. I’m vocalising my frustration with very un-Christian language.

I’m now at a loss as to what to do. iTunes will play music on my laptop, but won’t update my devices.

Maybe I should just buy a new laptop, but that seems a little extreme for a fix (it’s also not a financial option).

If anyone has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.


(“Have you tried turning your computer off?” says Beta Max.

“First thing I tried,” I reply. “Switch off, switch on. It’s the IT fix-it mantra.”

“No, I meant just leave it off,” he says.)

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3 thoughts on “Apple iTunes Bunnies Don’t Jump, They Just Annoy

  1. I don’t have a history of swearing, but lately with all the things modern people are supposed to adapt to, well it started on facebook, I must have gone to a working class school, not that that is bad, anyway I adapted, too well. Still MIley’s fault I reckon.

    Sadly I never learnt ipod, just last year started using Spotify.

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