#2ManyBooks. A Poem.

I have far too many books. Far #2ManyBooks Too many to read in one month, or one day, one afternoon a plenty, one year or decade. I read a few at a time: one here and one there; how many more, who’s to say, who’s to care? #2ManyBooks I’m an organizational champ, a pedantic time loon, ButContinue reading “#2ManyBooks. A Poem.”

Poetry. A poem.

When I read good poetry I want to write good poetry But my feeble affectations And wanton masturbations Pale to insignificance When compared to Browning, Whitman, Yeats I yearn to write good poetry The way I yearn to read good poetry But such poetic vastness Just becomes loquaciousness Flowing perspicaciously Away into a vast, uncaringContinue reading “Poetry. A poem.”

Good Enough. A poem.

Insecurity and self deprecationCan't save you when you think this wayWhen the words don't flow Or make it to the pageIn the way you wanted them toMaybe you won't post itBut in the end you doBecause it's good enoughSo read it once more throughYes, it's good enoughGood enough for you

Dawn. A poem.

Dawn peeks in through the blinds, seeking the one behind Laying here in bed, yet to face sun and sky Yet to feel the warmth and to stretch arms wide Yet to start the day, nothing changed by the night No miraculous cures or incredible saves Nothing more than pleasures we indelibly crave When yourContinue reading “Dawn. A poem.”

Rain. A Poem.

I felt the rain more deeply than ever before It flowed like chaotic capillaries down my face It mingled with tears, a salty, alchemical mix   It touched my tongue, combined saliva and cotton mouth It washed me clean of tragic irony and bittersweet regret And when it stopped I stood there dripping, alone asContinue reading “Rain. A Poem.”

Be The Hero Contest (Gotham Writers Workshop)

Following is an email from Steph Spector, director of contests and conferences at Gotham Writers Workshop. If you’re a new writer and would like to enter this competition, click on the link below. Hi Steve!  Gotham Writers Workshop (is a) creative writing school based in New York City and online. I’m on Steve Still Standing becauseContinue reading “Be The Hero Contest (Gotham Writers Workshop)”

Date Night. A short tale.

The mirror image was unflattering. She had been trying on dresses for the last hour. They always looked better on the rack and in the fitting rooms before she bought them. She knew there was something about the mirrors in stores. Like the ones at carnivals, but warping everything to look better (maybe she shouldContinue reading “Date Night. A short tale.”