Upstart Photographer – Row Boat

I take photos. I write poems. Here, I have a chance to marry them in wedded bliss. Cheers Steve 🙂 Row Boat. A poem. Sun baking, back to the bright skies. Perhaps a tan will disguise the smile lines and withered cracks of your tempered existence. Still, you long for the lake’s gentle caress uponContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Row Boat”

An Exercise in Poetic Styles

Here’s a response I did for Uni. You might like to try the exercise out yourself. Cheers Steve 😊 Write a haiku (formal style) on the theme of water and then write a free verse piece (of no more than 10 lines) on the theme of water. Which style worked best for you? What stumblingContinue reading “An Exercise in Poetic Styles”

Swim. A poem.

Dewdrops on my skin as I rise from your embrace. Your satin caress beckons and I return to your verge. Each twist and turn I take moves me closer to apogee, whence all efforts expire. Here within your tidal girth, I float in liquid suggestion. Here amongst deliquescing salt, I make my mark and ploughContinue reading “Swim. A poem.”