Twenty Four Kays. A poem.

Twenty four kilometres I walked on a whim “I can do this, no worries,” what was I thinking? Five hours, two blisters and a sore ankle later And I’m wondering if I should feel any way better Was it just for my ego, or just to feel good Or was it just for the pain,Continue reading “Twenty Four Kays. A poem.”

Marathon Walk!

Today I walked 24 kilometres. Why? I dropped off my father’s car at a smash repair place, and rather than catch a combination of trains and buses home, I decided I’d walk. Five hours and just under 24 kms later, blisters and sore legs, but not too worse for wear otherwise. Hungry, though! Had toContinue reading “Marathon Walk!”

Pedestrian. A poem.

Some of us run wildly through life, without care or concern for the consequences. Some of us tread cautiously, looking both ways, weighing the odds.
Some of us let our fears overcome us, and before we know it, we’re approaching middle age and still don’t know how to avoid life’s oncoming cars.