Footsteps Away. A poem.

I walk through the dark,
The sound of my feet echoing
Through the empty streets.
The dog stops and sniffs,
A victim of instinct,
circumstantial scents
and sense.

In the distance,
The thump of a kick drum—
Faster than my heart beat,
But just as reassuringly present.
Occasional passers by
Nod their heads or not,
Their shadows passing
Like uncommitted storm fronts.

Past restaurants where diners
Make faces in pantomime;
Charades played between lovers,
Long time friends
And new acquaintances.

This walk and sidewalk
Has seen better days,
The patterns laid down
For all to miss and misplace
In the quiet solitude,
As ostentatious fervour plays out
Just footsteps away.

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Dog Walk. A poem.

I walk the city
Dog by my side
Past a canvas of history
Vanity and pride
I smile when she stops
To deliver her scent
Onto every pallid corner
Near every park bench
Climbing up hills
And following paths
Through dim alleyways
And the greenest of parks
All records held previous
Will fall when we go
Every kilometre counted
Towards a new long term goal
I walk the city
This dog by my side
And my love for both
It seems cannot die

Walk. A poem.

I walk for me
I walk the lonely way
Up and down, crisply dried and crunchy
Around I go, wearing tracks in the carpet
Circuits in the yard are circuits in my mind
Endless surges of high definition creativity
Fingers make words in motion on my cell
My babies gestated, now given birth
Sweat mixing with pollen and grass seed
Each victory lap whips me lean
Until I’m spent, punished, exhausted
No need for a safe word
Feels good


I didn’t walk after my workout today. But I thought I’d write a poem about it, anyway.

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