Upstart Photographer – Distressed

Photography and poetry – a two for one deal, but for a short time only 😊 Cheers Steve πŸ™‚ Distressed. A poem. Your interminable display A marriage of metaphor that Adds rings to eucalyptus fingers As the elements play out A millennium of bad hair days So stand tall and despair Oh lady of distressContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Distressed”

Upstart Photographer – Knighted Tree

Poetry and photography, live together in perfect harmony (to paraphrase Paul McCartney). Cheers Steve πŸ™‚ Knighted Tree Armoured and encrusted Barnacled and salted Prepared to joust For your ocean’s honour Your everlasting foe The ever-shifting shore For more Upstart Photographer, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely andContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Knighted Tree”

Upstart Photographer: Old Tree

I was driving on a country road a few weeks back and came across an amazing tree (I love photographing trees). I was so happy with these shots I wrote a poem to accompany them (so what’s new lol). Cheers Steve πŸ™‚ Old Tree. A poem. Old tree, gnarled and twisted beyond reproach. What darkContinue reading “Upstart Photographer: Old Tree”