Driftwood (Beached, part 3). A poem.

Driftwood, floating on percolating tides. Saltwater soaks fossil branches. Sand embraces nooks and crannies. Driftwood, meandering, awaiting a tactile, tacit end. Longing for a final, lasting beach head. The All or the Nothing is my first book of poetry, and if you like what you’ve been reading then you’ll love it! To find out howContinue reading “Driftwood (Beached, part 3). A poem.”

The Board (Beached, part 2).

Tri-fin cutting foaming swathes in majestic, molten, crashing waves. Off-shore wind: the only stakes, paddling out to meet the break. To take his certain place in line, for the weaving surf to redefine. To forge a newborn legend free, the board; his truth, his destiny. Dedicated to my good friend, Andrew. The All or theContinue reading “The Board (Beached, part 2).”

The Wild Surf (Beached, part 1). A poem.

The wild surf, like his impetuous heart, pounds and beats the sandy shore, like a pugilist with vanity to spare. Here the relentless, crashing waves make their mark in odd time signatures, in fluid and passionate syncopation, a symphony of wind, water and sand. The spray in his face is explicative of this subtle, blithelyContinue reading “The Wild Surf (Beached, part 1). A poem.”