Morning Coffee. A Poem.

Whorls of heat haze fumigate the air, an ocean of dark and broiling depths mirroring a bleak and surly heart. Your lidless eye reflects the scorn,  a barely bitter taste that lingers like cyanide clarity on the tongue. Oracle of peerless enlightenment, an uncaring nurturer, soon gone. The All or the Nothing is my firstContinue reading “Morning Coffee. A Poem.”

J’aime Mon Chien

That little dog was originally acquired as my ex-wife wanted to walk more to lose weight. From the very first day (as I suspected), I became the one who walked Black Doggo, looked after him, took him everywhere. Because he was little (about twice as big as a Chihuahua), he conveniently fit nicely in my small car (my version of a handbag, I suppose). I would take him on long drives on weekends, walking along the beach, visiting parents and friends (a convenient substitute for my ex-wife).