Time to drive. a poem.

The manual transmission sticks at times, a reminder that we need a service and I need to find a new place for my engine to unwind. There was a time when things were simpler, when you could change the sparks yourself. But now it’s all computers, and instruments and waxing/waning moments in technicolor and surroundContinue reading “Time to drive. a poem.”

Driven. A poem.

The prairie and the road calls, A waltz of remembrance Dancing along the asphalt, Like a tumbleweed made of last regrets. The stick shift clicks in place, The tension defining its existence mirrored on the driver’s face. Wheels spin and smoke And the car strides forth Like the lion on the newborn veldt, Hunting forContinue reading “Driven. A poem.”

Rope. A poem.

Tease this silver filament, an ambit claim on every foot, squeezed and cajoled through calloused hands. Climb this tensile fibre, climb until the heavens bloom and your body retches from the unyielding pressure. When you reach your goal, set free the cord of Theseus that led you ever-onward in your rise to Olympus. For moreContinue reading “Rope. A poem.”

Upstart Photographer: Things #2

I like to write poems. I like to take photographs. Sometimes I take photos of things. Here’s one, with an accompanying poem. I don’t normally write poems about things, but for my photos I can make an exception. Cheers Steve 🙂 Road. A poem. Exemplars on the way, milestones of the incredulous and the extravagant,Continue reading “Upstart Photographer: Things #2”