Haiku Friday. ‘Renewal’, a haiku trilogy.

Renewal. A haiku trilogy 1. Passage Please, grant me passage that this testament should see another sunset. 2. Buried And here I lie, buried underground. A cadaver for your amusement. 3. Daybreak I will claw my way back from this intransigence to taste the daybreak. . Haiku, I love you. Let me count the syllables.Continue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Renewal’, a haiku trilogy.”


Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the worst day of my life. Those of you who are regulars will know that I celebrated (rather insanely) by walking 24 kms. But before I did that I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and had an epiphany. Despite the fact that three years ago I lostContinue reading “Rebirth.”