The Rabbits’ Yard. A poem.

This yard is an Elysian Field. Where once they sneaked Like rogues into a lion’s den, Now they parade before the sun With no fear of molten wax. Well-worn trails, scented scorn, Marking passages with contempt. Reassurance and arrogance Threaten to subjugate The hallowed ground In which they stir. And yet: Indolent bodies gathered, RecliningContinue reading “The Rabbits’ Yard. A poem.”

A Rabbit Passes. A prose poem.

The rabbit’s body is stiff and heavy in my hand. I wrap it in its funeral trappings, a plastic cloak as light and airy as its existence. It’s family lies in burrows deep below, the farmer’s poison dried within withered veins. I place it within its casket, a waste bin its solemn ferry to whereContinue reading “A Rabbit Passes. A prose poem.”