Punch Drunk. A poem.

I can feel the jagged terrain of your knuckles on my face, the force of mountain slides delivered on winds of fury and ever-reckless contempt. Should I return the favour or turn the other cheek, as my saviour recommends? I’ll go down this time with measured complacency, keeping my fumes interned. Because, after all: what’sContinue reading “Punch Drunk. A poem.”

Sucker Punch. A short tale, revisited.

Here’s a flash fiction I wrote a while back. It wasn’t seen by many at the time, so I’ve decided to re-blog it in the hope that more may get the chance to read it. https://stevestillstanding.com/2017/06/24/sucker-punch-a-short-tale/ Hope you like it. Cheers Steve 🙂