Play. A poem.

Each day my play begins Screen play and type play Mouse play and horse play Print play and scan play Role play and life play Each day behind the keyboard My play begins For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and TheContinue reading “Play. A poem.”

Screens. A poem.

My reflection on the screen Is a reflection of my soul Empty and two-dimensional At times our eyes are one Mixing and mingling Like ghosts in the electrical ether There is only need and want As our fingers touch Across fine lines of neon tracery Blending in the shadows And phosphor brightness Of dual sunsContinue reading “Screens. A poem.”

Lockdown. A poem.

Another day in paradise: Locked down in my place Of subtle introspection And outrageous fortune. Savouring the sweet scents Of ‘Le perspiration’ and ‘Le boredom’; The gentle, beseeching touch Of stubble and sweatpants; Bewitching sights and sounds Of out of tune guitars And phosphorus screens; The incessant clacking Of typewriter keys and backspacing. The shadowedContinue reading “Lockdown. A poem.”