Protest. A poem.

Why march, you say. Why raise their fists in protest? If you have to ask, you haven’t been paying attention. Look outside and see the injustice. Look outside and see the fear, and the loss, and the indescribable pain so many have felt that you have not. No one is saying they are more importantContinue reading “Protest. A poem.”

Privilege. A poem.

White privilege Is like the weight of a thousand jackboots On our necks, on our backs But we stand, we shout, we overcome And by the time that coward leaves his baby bunker And his gestapo have been brought low We will make a world Where privilege Is not the domain of the few ButContinue reading “Privilege. A poem.”

Absent. A poem.

You who remain absent Don’t celebrate your hypocrisy Sliding on a sheen of contrariness Recognise the source of their upheaval You think time will make a fool of all But it seems your veneer is wearing thin And justice awaits your feeble excuses To grasp what lies within This poem is for all the abusersContinue reading “Absent. A poem.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Caught, Caged and Sentenced’. A haiku trilogy.

Caught, Caged and Sentenced. A haiku trilogy. Caught You have trapped me here. I once wandered, so lonely, until your net fell. Caged I am in your cage, your pristine cell; I’m locked in, pacing back and forth. Sentenced Will you set me free? Or will you taunt and tease me, then leave me toContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Caught, Caged and Sentenced’. A haiku trilogy.”