Upstart Photographer – Tallship

I take photos. I write poems. ‘Nuff said.


Steve 🙂

Tallship. A poem.

You have bound me
as no ocean ever could—
wrapped in chains
and woven hemp,
fit to shackle Hercules.

Here I wait, as the wind
cajoles me with memories
of high seas and yesteryear;
my sails furled in impotence,
the waters lapping my bow
like a teasing mistress.

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Upstart Photographer: Things #4

A photo. An accompanying poem. ‘Nuff said.


Steve 🙂

Wall. A poem.

You blocked the way,
a cantankerous old crone,
bleached, cracked and worn,
bitter-boned and sun-dried.

What use are you when
your gaps in memory
provide brief passage,
your purpose undermined
and inconsequential.

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Upstart Photographer – Black and white photography is da bomb.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we were frozen in a moment of time, just like a photograph. Would we feel trapped? Would we experience emotions, needs, the impact of physics and quantum mechanics, the way we do in the real world?

Okay, I’m rambling. I wasn’t sure how to start this post.

Anyway, on to the pictures in all their unprocessed glory.

Shoreline -

Above: This is an old photo, before better camera lenses and improved clarity. The colour version is nicer (I’ve used it for one of my Poetry headers), but the black and white gives it a haunting dimension, I think. Well, it’s certainly murkier. Message to self: stop taking photographs while drunk.

Not my dog -

Above: This is my son’s dog. He’s called Jet and he seems entirely suited to black and white photos. Well, he’s not complaining, anyway.

Twisted -

Above: I took this shot on a nature walk. I love the twisted and seemingly evil nature of this tree, especially the way it’s silhouetted against the others. Maybe it’s just waiting to betray them? Maybe it’s a metaphor… You may have seen this one in my short story / flash fiction header.


Steve 😊

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