The Rabbits’ Yard. A poem.

This yard is an Elysian Field. Where once they sneaked Like rogues into a lion’s den, Now they parade before the sun With no fear of molten wax. Well-worn trails, scented scorn, Marking passages with contempt. Reassurance and arrogance Threaten to subjugate The hallowed ground In which they stir. And yet: Indolent bodies gathered, RecliningContinue reading “The Rabbits’ Yard. A poem.”

Upstart Photographer: Old Tree

I was driving on a country road a few weeks back and came across an amazing tree (I love photographing trees). I was so happy with these shots I wrote a poem to accompany them (so what’s new lol). Cheers Steve 🙂 Old Tree. A poem. Old tree, gnarled and twisted beyond reproach. What darkContinue reading “Upstart Photographer: Old Tree”

Swim. A poem.

Dewdrops on my skin as I rise from your embrace. Your satin caress beckons and I return to your verge. Each twist and turn I take moves me closer to apogee, whence all efforts expire. Here within your tidal girth, I float in liquid suggestion. Here amongst deliquescing salt, I make my mark and ploughContinue reading “Swim. A poem.”

The Black Tree. A poem.

The tree is black and formless, its charred soul departed so many years before from this noxious darkness. This fractured stump, dreaming of chlorophyll and carbon dioxide smells. This burned and sullen timber that in this wasteland dwells. If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my first book The All or theContinue reading “The Black Tree. A poem.”

Black Rain. A poem.

I watched the black rain from my window. It spilled down the pane in tarry streaks, a Malevich canvas. I watched the flowers gently steam and wilt. The dark water spilled down onto the road and into the gutters. It flowed into the sewers and thence to the sea. There it merged with chemicals, plastics,Continue reading “Black Rain. A poem.”

Dust and Rust. A poem.

Take down the green, straddle the Earth with the carbon footprint of giants. Every tree felled, another wooden nail in our meagre wooden coffin. Let the next race be won by whomever loves this planet more than humans being, who in our rush to claim the prize have won nothing but dust, rust, and forgottenContinue reading “Dust and Rust. A poem.”

Toxic. A poem.

The world is toxic Bioengineered Gene-spliced Consuming me While I’m consuming it Chemical carcinogens and biological tumours Oh, for a world free From genetically modified food And environmental waste Only in dreams, now Fairy tales we tell our kids While eating plastic snacks