Footsteps Away. A poem.

I walk through the dark, The sound of my feet echoing Through the empty streets. The dog stops and sniffs, A victim of instinct, circumstantial scents and sense. In the distance, The thump of a kick drum— Faster than my heart beat, But just as reassuringly present. Occasional passers by Nod their heads or not,Continue reading “Footsteps Away. A poem.”

Upstart Photographer #3: Black and White.

I love black and white photos. They seem to capture a rawness, a natural quality that is sometimes lost in the way digital images capture colour. I’m no expert, of course, and I’m sure some real photographers out there could explain just what it is that makes black and white photos so cool. The cityContinue reading “Upstart Photographer #3: Black and White.”

Haiku and You. Three poems (but not a trilogy).

Return to Sender You give but don’t get Your love returns to sender A sea of mail lost Man’s Best Friend Ten years with my dog Plucky and redoubtable I still miss her so To Read Books, they fill my shelf Adventure seeds the dream clouds How I love the rain Haiku! 5/7/5 syllable love.Continue reading “Haiku and You. Three poems (but not a trilogy).”

A Dog’s Nose. A poem.

A dog’s nose smells every blade of grass Painting a picture in scent of everything that’s passed Counting the stops on every sandstone brick Smelling the reminders on the tires of, oh so expensive cars Rolling in the grass of innumerable companions past No time for harbour views or human history A dog’s nose isContinue reading “A Dog’s Nose. A poem.”

J’aime Mon Chien

That little dog was originally acquired as my ex-wife wanted to walk more to lose weight. From the very first day (as I suspected), I became the one who walked Black Doggo, looked after him, took him everywhere. Because he was little (about twice as big as a Chihuahua), he conveniently fit nicely in my small car (my version of a handbag, I suppose). I would take him on long drives on weekends, walking along the beach, visiting parents and friends (a convenient substitute for my ex-wife).