Upstart Photographer – Nightwalk

Photos and poems. I never tire of them. Cheers Steve 🙂 Nightwalk. A poem. Stone beneath toes, wrinkled, yet timeless. Glistening darkness, an envelope for thoughts sublime or unkind. Theseus’ lifeline into the distance: a path to follow until the real maze begins. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, LonelyContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Nightwalk”

New World. A poem.

All in an idea that surpasses every living, livid, longing, licentious breath that screams in ecstasy from the darkening depths of a soul long since condemned to a purgatory of your own making. If only you had read the signs. Your illiteracy and myopia have brought you down to size and from here everything elseContinue reading “New World. A poem.”

The Dark. A poem.

The dark encloses me It is bloated and vampiric, just fed And I am a foetal ball of fear Nested in a womb of my own making And from this poverty of light There is no escaping Perhaps there is a tunnel’s end That in my blindness I cannot see But until then The dark encloses me

Shades. A poem.

I once found a pair of brand new sunglasses in an elevator. Rather than turn them in, I decided to keep them (terrible of me, I know).
They change the shape of my face when I wear them, almost making me a different person. When they’re on, I almost have a sense of increased confidence and lessened anxiety. Does that happen with you, too?

Time’s Up. A poem.

Okay, this poem’s a bit dark. But then, I’m a pretty dark person. My poems reflect all aspects of me, not just the happy stuff. (‘Happy stuff?’ I hear you say. ‘When have you ever written happy poems?’ Good point. Scratch what I said earlier.)