Driven. A poem.

The prairie and the road calls, A waltz of remembrance Dancing along the asphalt, Like a tumbleweed made of last regrets. The stick shift clicks in place, The tension defining its existence mirrored on the driver’s face. Wheels spin and smoke And the car strides forth Like the lion on the newborn veldt, Hunting forContinue reading “Driven. A poem.”

Upstart Photographer: Wreck

Photo, Poem – mix and match. Hopefully match. Cheers Steve 🙂 Wreck. A poem. Like some Greek tragedy played out upon a silver screen, the bullies and the demons had their way with you, you see. Left you naked and abused, charred and anaesthetised, just a step away from paradise and a world away fromContinue reading “Upstart Photographer: Wreck”

Stand and Deliver. A poem.

Quick stop. Quick start. The car sputters like an old man who’s walked better roads than these but only just remembers how. Simple arrangements for endearingly simple times, handed across the threshold to smiling eyes with insouciant grace. The tarmac beckons, the junkyard dog barks and moans, its lassitude temporarily forgotten in the whine ofContinue reading “Stand and Deliver. A poem.”