Every Blue Thought. A poem.

I prefer black but I wear a lot of blues and this ever-lasting weariness goes from my head down to my shoes. EVERY aching, grinding, groaning, spattering, spluttering, shadowing, beseeching, bemoaning, bewildering, disturbing, destabilising, escalating, ego-destroying, undermining, undulating, failing, falling THOUGHT from my head down to my shoes. The All or the Nothing is myContinue reading “Every Blue Thought. A poem.”

Swim. A poem.

Dewdrops on my skin as I rise from your embrace. Your satin caress beckons and I return to your verge. Each twist and turn I take moves me closer to apogee, whence all efforts expire. Here within your tidal girth, I float in liquid suggestion. Here amongst deliquescing salt, I make my mark and ploughContinue reading “Swim. A poem.”