What are Shotglass Rounds?

SHOTGLASS ROUNDS One-Shots for 5e & OSR are flexible, convenient, super-charged adventures that won’t have you sitting up for hours doing prep for your next game session! Run them as a One-Shot, or pop them into your ongoing campaign as an exciting side mission! Each adventure is designed for 1-2 x 4-5 hour game sessions, with DM’s map and key,  new monsters & new magic items, a full-size player’s map with grid & a full-size grid-less player’s map, plus lots of cool art!

The Hardcover

Previously released in PDF, all 10 adventures in the SHOTGLASS ROUNDS series are now available in an awesome hardcover edition, available in print and PDF! In the book:

  • 10 exciting One-Shot adventures!
  • 21 new monsters! 
  • 22 new magic items!
  • New art!
  •  Verona Province Lore (the frontier setting for Shotglass Adventures) and maps showing the location of every adventure in the Shotglass Adventures series so far! 
A look at some actual pages! It looks great for use in your game or on the shelf!

Plus, for the first time:

  •  A full Digital Maps Package, containing 14 unique, hand drawn, full size, full color maps in grid and gridless versions, plus VTT-sized gridless maps – 42 JPEGs total – with a Royalty Free License for you to use them in your own commercial projects (note: You can’t on-sell the maps individually or as part of a larger maps package i.e. claim they’re your own)  

Get it now at


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