Shotglass Adventures: 3rd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all,

The 3rd Stretch goal is unlocked – 3 x Print-and-Play Connectable Dungeons Tiles + Royalty Free License! These tiles are designed to be used on your gaming table and have 1 inch squares for 25 mm miniatures. Connect them up to make huge dungeon vaults and chambers! They’re fully compatible with the previously released Connectable Dungeons 1 (which featured corridors and smaller rooms) and Connectable Caves 1 and Connectable Caves 2 sets.

“But Steve,” I hear you say, “I’m only playing on virtual tabletops because of Covid-19.” That’s okay, because they can also be used on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral Tabletop, etc. Heck, they also come with a royalty free limited license so you can use them in your own commercial and non-commercial projects.

Game on!

Steve 🙂

Support the SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES – Kal-Zar’s Bane: GRAVIS TOWN BLUES Kickstarter at


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