Shotglass Adventures Kickstarter – 2nd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all,

Okay, so the second stretch goal has tumbled – a bonus full size, hand drawn, unkeyed full color map added to the book PLUS 2 x Digital JPEGs added to the Digital Maps Package – full Size and a version sized for virtual tabletops. This time it’s a town house battlemap with 1-inch squares for 25mm miniatures. Why a town house for an adventure that’s mainly on a river? Well, there’s also a virus-infected, locked down town the players get to explore… (Hmmm, a shade of familiarity for those of us in  similar situations? Maybe not the exploring part.)

I’ve also been working on dungeon tiles for additional stretch goals.

What are Connectable Dungeons 2 – Vaults?

Dungeon tiles with 1-inch squares for 25mm miniatures, designed to be connected any way you like to make huge, sprawling dungeons, temples and tombs! And underground rivers and LAVA rivers – let’s not forget those (Gotta love lava)! Fully connectable and compatible with Connectable Dungeons 1, Connectable Caves 1 and Connectable Caves 2 (all of which you can check out here). PLUS – the digital versions of these tiles come with a limited royalty free license so you can use them in your own commercial or non-commercial projects.

Here are some combinations below (I know you’ll be able to come up with better ones):

Laidback DM - Connectable Dungeons 2 Ad

And there are LOTS of tiles to give away!

The next stretch goal is now:

$2500 – 3 x Connectable Dungeons 2 Tiles + Royalty Free License – Connect these tiles to make huge dungeon vaults and chambers! Fully compatible with Connectable Dungeons 1 and Connectable Caves 1 and Connectable Caves 2 sets.

Game on!

Steve 🙂

Support the SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES – Kal-Zar’s Bane: GRAVIS TOWN BLUES Kickstarter at


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