Three Years!


It’s been three years of blogging, poetry, D&D, films, comics, stories and stuff. I trimmed down recently to just poetry and role playing game blogs, but the site is still going strong!

58000+ views, 1000+ posts, 1600+ followers, 3000+ comments (according to my WordPress stats). That’s not bad for a site I originally started to encourage me to write every day and to vent about my sad life.

Thanks for your support. Onwards and upwards! Or sideways. One of those.


Steve 🙂

Want to read my very first blog (no one’s forcing you to)? Just click on this link:

Blame. A poem.

I took the blame
For it was my lot
To stumble and toil
And make my weary way
Back to life
From whence I was cast

But blame should be
Fairly and to each
For blame lies not in one
But in the actions
And inactions
Of all


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