Laidback DM – ‘Maps Your Party Will Die For’ Kickstarter!

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I’ve been working hard on Shotglass Adventures III (finishing a Degree in Communications took precedence), and it won’t be available until the new year. In the meantime, a new KickstarterLaidback DM - Maps Your Party Will Die For Kickstarter

MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR is a book of 20 Full Color Fantasy Maps with Adventure Seeds, compatible with any Fantasy RPG, so you can whip together an improvised play session on the spot, or prepare one before your next game. Each map has a page for DM/GM notes, for use before or during play (it will be your book – why not write in it?).

MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR is currently 48 pages long (it’ll be longer with stretch goals included) and has amazing cover and internal art by Matt Forsyth.

The Map/Adventure Seed titles: The Cavern on the Lake; Templemere; Robber Hood; The Bridge Between Us; Here Be Dragons; Depnir’s Dungeon; The Inn of No Return; Seaworthy Found; Keep it in the Family…Crypt; The Blight Tree; The Pirates of Penzancy; A Barrow of Mon-Ki’s; Caught in a Flood; Mole People of Cave City; The Storm Giant’s Sitter; Hellcatraz; Murder…He Wrote; Portals and Portents; Haste Makes Waste; Get Mel from The Chapel On Time.

There’s a huge variety of maps – dungeons, caves, temples, crypts, island, barrow, inn, thieves’ guild, wilderness, ship, forest, inn, castles, and more – all in 600 DPI full color glory!

Want to know more? Click on the link below!

Game on!

Laidback DM

Laidback DM - Maps Your Party Will Die For Kickstarter


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