Kickstarter: 9th Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

The 9th stretch goal is unlocked in the Shotglass Adventures Kickstarter!

Critical Fumble Cards are designed to be used during melee combat when a player (or monster) rolls a 1 on d20. The cards feature a number of impacts that add a new element to fumbling an attack!

Critical Fumble Cards can be home printed in color or black and white, single or double-sided as you prefer. Printing the cards twice doubles the size of your deck and gives the added option of potentially drawing the same critical fumble again (DOH!). For extra longevity, you can laminate them.

I love using these in my game to spice up combat, and my players like them because they affect their opponents as well. There’s nothing like an Orc hitting himself for maximum damage. Now that’s gonna leave a mark!

Critical Fumble Cards - Laidback DM

Next Stretch Goal to be unlocked: Ten Connectable Fantasy Town Maps with a royalty free license so you can use them in your own publishing projects! Or you can just print them out and arrange them to randomize a fantasy town on the fly.

The Shotglass Adventures Kickstarter has only a few days left, so now is the time to jump on board and access all the original and unlocked content at a minimal pledge! Just click on the link below!

Game on!

Steve 😊

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