Kickstarter: 8th Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

The 8th stretch goal is unlocked for Shotglass Adventures, currently running on Kickstarter!

These handy Initiative Cards are designed to be used during combat sessions as a no-fuss turn order tracker, whether you’re using figures on a grid map or running theater-of-the-mind combat. Each card folds in half, and can be hung on a DM screen or stand on the gaming table. Each two-sided, free-standing card lists the PC’s class and has space on one side for players and the other side for the DM, so PC/NPC names, passive perception or current conditions can be recorded.

Card art is by David Lewis Johnson and Luigi Castellani!

Initiative Cards can be home printed in color or black and white. For extra longevity, you can laminate them. Laminated versions can be written on with dry-erasable pen, for multiple re-use.

I use these cards in all my 5e games to free me up to concentrate on running fast combats and telling better stories with my players. Now you can, too.

Initiative Cards Cover - Laidback DM

Next Stretch Goal to be unlocked: Print-and-Play Critical Fumble Cards!

Now’s the time to jump on board the Kickstarter to receive not only Shotglass Adventures, but all the unlocked stretch goals as well!

Game on!

Steve 😊

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