Kickstarter: 6th Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

Woo hoo!! The 6th stretch goal is unlocked! Four 600 DPI maps have been added to the digital maps collection (unfortunately, we’re out of space in the book – any more added and the printing cost increases).

The maps are:

  • City Corner Cross Section – a fantasy city intersection with cutaways of the buildings and houses
  • Barrow Mound – who doesn’t love some undead hunter/killer action?
  • Descending Caves – Caves are always better when they’re deeper
  • Halfling Hole – because I’m not allowed to call them Hobbits – DOH! I just did

Here’s a preview:

6th Stretch Goal

That means we’re now up to 43 total maps in the package (which includes grid and grid-less versions for many of the maps, plus original pre-book versions of some maps, plus unlocked maps).

Next Stretch Goal: Print and Play 5e Condition Cards to use in your games (see below)! I use these two-sided cards to keep track of PC and monster conditions during combat. Just pop them on the table next to the miniature, or if you’re paying theatre-of-the-mind, hand them to the player. They include a brief summary of the condition’s rules to save you and the player having to remember them all. They’re also a great visual reminder for everyone at the table.

Game on!

Steve 🙂

Laidback DM - Condition Cards

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