Kickstarter: 5th Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

The 5th stretch goal is unlocked! A new, old school, hand drawn map with adventure seed has been added to the book as a bonus for supporters to use for their own adventures. And for Excelsior Supporters, another 600 DPI map added to the digital maps collection.

The new map is called ‘The Lonesome Heart’.

The Lonesome Heart is a lonely peak overlooking a stark plain, with a dwarven mine, forest giant camp, a wizard’s tower, ambush caverns and a strange mountain top refuge.

Laidback DM - Kickstarter Map Stretch Goal

The mountain peak called Lonesome Heart stands incongruously on a stark plain. The bizarre cloud-covered structure crowning the summit is home to a metallic hovering globe. No one has returned from climbing to the summit and the globe’s lightning prevents flyers from getting too close. Along the mountain path: a lone Dwarf seeking help to free his family’s mine from the monsters within; a camp of Forest Giants searching for their lost child; a gang of cave-dwelling ambushers with a penchant for kidnapping; an evil wizard in her tower using dark magic to take control of all. And what of the mysterious globe? What treasures await those willing to venture to the summit of the Lonesome Heart?

Now, let’s unlock some more!


Steve 😊


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