Kickstarter: 4TH Stretch Goal Unlocked, PLUS New Stretch Goals Available!

Hi all!

We’ve unlocked our 4th stretch goal – a new, hand drawn map with adventure seed to be added to the book as a bonus for you to use for your own adventures. For Excelsior Supporters, another 600 DPI map is added to the digital maps collection.

The new map is called ‘The Tomb of Meshkua’.

The Tomb of Meshkua is full of traps, puzzles, platforms, hidden rooms and a poisonous underground lake for good measure!

Laidback DM - Map Stretch Goal4

The great, great, great grandson of the Pharaoh Meshkua has asked the party to break into the ancient tomb of his forefather. He’s dying of a hideous wasting disease and suspects the Pharaoh’s curse. Below Meshkua’s ancient step pyramid lies a maze of rooms, filled with traps and puzzles, and three tombs that must be breached prior to visiting Meshkua’s final resting place on an island in a toxic underground lake. The grandson and his entourage are coming with you. But is it the curse he’s suffering from, or something else? What does he really want from inside the tomb…

Also, a whole bunch of new stretch goals have been unlocked, which you can see listed below:

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Gotta unlock ‘em all (to paraphrase Pokemon)! Why not tell your friends all about the Shotglass Adventures Kickstarter!


Steve 😊

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