Kickstarter: 3rd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

We’ve unlocked our 3rd stretch goal in the Shotglass Adventures Kickstarter – a new, hand drawn map with adventure seed to be added to the book as a bonus for supporters to use for their own adventures. For Excelsior Supporters, another 600 DPI map is added to the already burgeoning digital maps collection.

The new map is called ‘Hartlis Abbey’. Hartlis Abbey has multiple levels, a bell tower, underground caves and burial catacombs, and lots of space inside for big battles.

Laidback DM - Map Stretch Goal3

I’m adding adventure seeds to each map – supporters don’t have to use the seed, it’s more a way to kickstart (forgive the pun) some ideas for ways they can use the map for their own adventures.

The Abbey of the Goddess Hartlis sits on a cliff overlooking a wild and windy coast. The monks and friars there have worked in solitude for decades, having occasional contact with surrounding villages at fairs to preach and sell produce. But all contact has ceased, and now farmers go missing from the fields around the Abbey. A demon lord has taken control and is using the monks to gather human sacrifices to increase its power. But are the monks mind-controlled, or are they worshipping the beast? The underground tunnels and cellars below the Abbey are a hive of activity, as the demon lord prepares its army for the coming storm…


Steve 😊

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